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—Howard Cohn

Roots, Rock, Rama! Jai Uttal's New Album Release Concert
Jai Uttal
Saturday, March 18, 8:00pm - 10:00pm
Community Meditation Center
Sliding Scale $30 - $100. Code JA1E17.
OPEN-Register Here

Celebration, meditation, dance of the devas, and love song to the universe...Jai Uttal’s new album "Roots, Rock, Rama!" is all that and more. Join us in a celebratory evening release party where Jai will perform songs from his new double album. The party will be held in the beautiful, new Community Meditation Center at Spirit Rock featuring a full band, and the wonderful voice of Jai Uttal.

The title "Roots, Rock, Rama!" is a play on the name of the Bob Marley song “Roots, Rock, Reggae.” Marley is one of Jai’s key musical influences, and the first disc of his new album is deeply steeped in reggae’s earthy rhythms, hypnotic bass lines, jubilant horn charts and soulful vocal harmonies. Jai calls this disc the “Rama Sun” CD. The second CD, known as “Rama Moon,” evokes an entirely different mood. Grounded in the gentle, lilting sway of Brazilian samba, it also touches on the pastoral splendor of the more acoustic tracks from the Beatles’ "White Album." The Beatles are another major influence, and Jai has brought their pioneering fusion of Indian music and Western pop into the 21st century.

With his unique gift for phrasing and melismatic ornamentation, Jai can wrest a thousand moods from a simple Sanskrit mantra. "Roots, Rock, Rama!" represents not only a grand summation of Jai Uttal’s musical and devotional journey but also a new chapter in conscious music-making. After all these years and so many recordings, concerts and workshops, he’s still wide open to new musical epiphanies. “The universe is filled with colors and melodies,” he says. “They’re just everywhere, if only we could see and hear them more clearly. I feel that all art exists to enhance devotional practice and devotional expression. So I just try to hear the melodies.”

Young Adults (18-26) and Seniors (65+ with limited income) are invited to attend this evening event for $20.

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