"In truth we are always present; we only imagine ourselves to be in one place or another."
—Howard Cohn

Bodhisattva Leadership Training - Long Program
Pamela Weiss
Opening Retreat: May 27 - 29. Plus 5 Sundays, and a Closing Retreat: December 16-17, 2017
Community Meditation Center
Sliding Scale $790 - $1190. Please bring your lunch. Code PW1M17.
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This program is being offered in a short format and a long format. If you wish to only attend the opening 3-day retreat, please click here. For those who wish to apply into the 8-month version of this program, please apply at the above link.

This opening 3-day non-residential retreat (and extended 8-month intensive) will introduce the ancient Buddhist archetype of the Bodhisattva as a new leadership model for our time. Bodhisattva leadership is grounded in the radical re-orientation from living by karma based in our habitual, reactive impulses to one of living by vow that is based in our clear, heartfelt intentions. A bodhisattva is a wise or awakened sensitive person who is dedicated to helping alleviate suffering for themselves, others and the world.

Together we will explore the Bodhisattva precepts as the ethical backbone for our engagement in the world. Our training will include the cultivation of personal and social vows and will put these teachings into action through the active cultivation of wise responses to some of the critical issues of our time, such as climate change, gross economic disparity, and entrenched systems of divisiveness, racism and oppression.

The program is open to dharma students who have practiced for at least two years and have sat multiple overnight retreats. Having a formal leadership role (at work,or within one's community) is preferred, but not required. Participants are expected to attend in full and to step into leadership as part of addressing current issues.

The extended version of the program will begin and end with weekend workshops and will include 5 half-day retreats at Spirit Rock from 1:30-4:30 on 6/25, 7/23, 8/20, 9/17 and 11/12 and conference calls to be scheduled. Participants in the 8-month program will be asked to be part of small group cohorts working together to address a specific issue in a project format. This extended version closes with a two day non-residential retreat on December 16th and 17th again at Spirit Rock.

Pamela Weiss has been practicing Buddhism since 1987, including several years of Zen monastic training and teacher training with Jack Kornfield through Spirit Rock. Pamela leads a weekly sitting group at SF Insight and offers retreats and workshops internationally. She is also an executive coach and Founder of Appropriate Response, a company that has brought the power of mindful awareness to hundreds of leaders inside organizations such as Genentech, and Pixar.

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