"In truth we are always present; we only imagine ourselves to be in one place or another."
—Howard Cohn

Multi-Day Non-Residential Retreats

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3/11/2017 The Fierce Heart of Women - Ends Mar 12
Spring Washam, Anna Douglas
3/17/2017 Sutta Recovery: Early Buddhist Teachings on Clinging and Letting Go - Ends Mar 19
Kevin Griffin
3/24/2017 Inspired by Change: How to Cultivate a Resilient Heart while Caring about Our Changing World - Ends Mar 26
James Baraz, Bob Doppelt
4/5/2017 Awakening As We Age - Ends Apr 7
Anna Douglas
4/17/2017 Loving-Kindness: Cultivating the Open and Wise Heart - Ends Apr 18
Donald Rothberg
5/5/2017 Bringing Practice to Life: Everyday Opportunities for Love, Wisdom and Connection - Ends May 7
Susie Harrington
5/12/2017 Exploring the Source Teachings - Ends May 14
Richard Shankman
5/16/2017 The Four Foundations of Mindfulness - Ends May 19
Sally Armstrong
5/22/2017 The Power of Sangha: Unleashing Our Love into Action for the Earth (A Women's Retreat) - 6 nights, ends May 28
Joanna Macy, Debra Chamberlin Taylor, Erin Treat, Sebene Selassie, Jennifer Berezan (musician)
5/27/2017 Bodhisattva Leadership Training - Short Program - Ends May 29
Pamela Weiss
5/27/2017 Bodhisattva Leadership Training - Long Program - Ends Dec 17
Pamela Weiss
6/9/2017 Shift Happens: Learning to Bounce Back from Disappointments, Difficulties, Even Disasters - Ends Jun 11
Linda Graham
6/23/2017 Changes & Transitions in Your 50s & 60s - Ends Jun 25
Phillip Moffitt
6/30/2017 Buddhist Goddess: Embodying the Divine Feminine Within - Ends Jul 2
Erin Selover
7/17/2017 Writing as a Path to Awakening - Ends Jul 21
Albert Flynn DeSilver
7/28/2017 Seven Treasures of Our Practice - Ends Jul 30
Anna Douglas
8/18/2017 Cultivating Compassion - Ends Aug 20
Nikki Mirghafori
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