"In truth we are always present; we only imagine ourselves to be in one place or another."
—Howard Cohn

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Insight Meditation (known as Vipassana in the Buddhist tradition) is a simple technique which has been practiced in Asia for over 2,600 years. Beginning with the focusing of attention on the breath, the practice concentrates and calms the mind. It allows one to see through the mind's conditioning and thereby to live more fully present in the moment. Its presentation through Spirit Rock Meditation Center is non-sectarian, although the ethics and traditions of Buddhist psychology are included for guidance.

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1/1/2017 Everyday Life as Mindfulness Practice - Online Class Series - Ends Dec 31
Sylvia Boorstein
3/1/2017 Make Peace with Your Mind - Online Class Series - Ends Dec 31
Mark Coleman
3/15/2017 Essential Buddhist Teachings:
The Eightfold Path & Compassion - Online Class Series - Ends May 28

Mark Coleman
4/29/2017 Calming and Insight: The Art of Samatha/Vipassana
Will Kabat-Zinn
4/30/2017 Compassionate Communication
Dan Clurman, Mudita Nisker
4/30/2017 Working with Judgments
Donald Rothberg
4/30/2017 Through Dhamma Eyes With Awareness and Wisdom - 9 nights, ends May 9
Steve Armstrong, Carol Wilson, Alexis Santos
4/30/2017 Spring Teen Meditation Series - Ends May 28
Anthony Maes, Dawn Scott
5/1/2017 Releasing Trauma's Hold on our Meditation: Review & Deepening - Ends May 29
Sakti Rose
5/1/2017 Monday Night Community Welcome
Dawn Scott
5/1/2017 Spirit Rock Live: Monday Nights with Jack Kornfield and Friends
Guy Armstrong
5/1/2017 Monday Night Meditation with Jack Kornfield or others
5/3/2017 Wednesday Morning Meditation with Sylvia Boorstein or Donald Rothberg or others
5/3/2017 Spring Middle School Meditation Series (5-Week Class Series) - Ends May 31
Jeremy Jensen, Leyna Roget Brabant
5/3/2017 Spring Path of Parenting Series (5-Week Class Series) - Ends May 31
Grace Fisher
5/4/2017 Thursday Morning Meditation and Yoga with Ashley Sharp (yoga) and others
5/4/2017 Thursday Morning Women's Group with Grace Fisher or others
5/5/2017 Bringing Practice to Life: Everyday Opportunities for Love, Wisdom and Connection - Ends May 7
Susie Harrington
5/5/2017 Awake in the Wild - Meditation in Nature
Mark Coleman
5/6/2017 Emptiness: A Practical Introduction for Meditators
Guy Armstrong
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