"In truth we are always present; we only imagine ourselves to be in one place or another."
—Howard Cohn

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9/18/2017 Finding Freedom in the Body - 6 nights, ends Sep 24
Bob Stahl, Anushka Fernandopulle, Christiane Wolf, Marcy Reynolds (qigong)
9/18/2017 The Dharma and the Drama - 6 nights, ends Sep 24
Wes Nisker, Nina Wise
9/25/2017 Embodied, Empowered, and Awake: A Women's Meditation Retreat - 6 nights, ends Oct 1
Anne Cushman, Spring Washam, Erin Selover, Kate Johnson (assistant), Jennifer Berezan (musician)
10/2/2017 Maranasati: Contemplating Death / Awakening to Life - 7 nights, ends Oct 9
Eugene Cash, Nikki Mirghafori, Bhikkhu Analayo (via videocast), Janice Clarfield (yoga)
10/2/2017 Settled, Seeing, and Spacious Awareness: A Retreat for Experienced Students - 7 nights, ends Oct 9
Donald Rothberg, Susie Harrington, Jeanne Corrigal (trainee)
10/10/2017 Embodying Awakening: Yoga and Meditation - 5 nights, ends Oct 15
Anne Cushman, Pascal Auclair, Leslie Booker (yoga), Dawn Mauricio (trainee)
10/10/2017 Empty Mind, Full Heart: Awakening to Equanimity and Compassion - 5 nights, ends Oct 15
Sharda Rogell
10/16/2017 Fall Insight Meditation Retreat LOTTERY - 10 nights, ends Oct 26
Jack Kornfield, Trudy Goodman, Gina Sharpe, Spring Washam, Christiane Wolf, Alexis Santos, Teja Bell (qigong), Tere Abdala-Romano (trainee)
10/27/2017 Awakening Strength, Courage and Tenderness: A Retreat for the LGBTQI Gender-Fluid Community - 4 nights, ends Oct 31
Arinna Weisman, Larry Yang, Melvin Escobar (yoga), Alisa Dennis (trainee), Joan 'JD' Doyle (trainee)
11/1/2017 Waking Up Together - 7 nights, ends Nov 8
James Baraz, Sharda Rogell, Frank Ostaseski, Ange Stephens, Pam Dunn, Vinny Ferraro
11/17/2017 Thanksgiving Insight Meditation Retreat: A Journey into Presence, Peace and Gratitude - 9 nights, ends Nov 26
Thanissara, Kittisaro, Jaya Rudgard, Sebene Selassie, Yong Oh, Solwazi Johnson (trainee), Jeanie Daskais (trainee)
11/27/2017 The Magic of Awareness - 5 nights, ends Dec 2
James Baraz, Anam Thubten, Kate Munding, Jill White-Lindsay (yoga)
12/3/2017 The Courage to Live: The Practice of Forgiveness (LOTTERY) - 7 nights, ends Dec 10
Larry Yang, Gina Sharpe, Noliwe Alexander, Devin Berry, Konda Mason, Amana Brembry Johnson (yoga)
12/11/2017 In the Presence of Love: Metta & Qigong Retreat - 6 nights, ends Dec 17
Spring Washam, Vinny Ferraro, Erin Selover, Teja Bell (qigong), Gulwinder Singh (trainee)
12/18/2017 Solstice Insight Meditation Retreat - 5 nights, ends Dec 23
Donald Rothberg, John Travis, Heather Sundberg
12/27/2017 New Year's Insight Meditation Retreat LOTTERY - 7 nights, ends Jan 3
Eugene Cash, Pam Weiss, Spring Washam, Alexis Santos, DaRa Williams, Janice Clarfield (yoga), Devon Hase (trainee)
12/27/2017 TEEN New Year's Retreat (ages 15-19) - 5 nights, ends Jan 1
Matthew Brensilver, Marvin Belzer, Jaya Rudgard
1/4/2018 January Metta Retreat - 7 nights, ends Jan 11
Sylvia Boorstein, Heather Sundberg, Larry Yang, Donald Rothberg, Konda Mason (assistant), Melvin Escobar (yoga)
1/12/2018 Awakening in Every Moment: A Retreat in Mindfulness, Metta, and Morality - 3 nights, ends Jan 15
Sylvia Boorstein, Dana DePalma, Victoria Cary (trainee)
1/21/2018 Essential Dharma Insight Meditation Retreat - 5 nights, ends Jan 26
Howard Cohn, Bonnie Duran, Mark Coleman, Ashley Sharp (yoga)

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