"In truth we are always present; we only imagine ourselves to be in one place or another."
—Howard Cohn

Residential Retreats

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4/27/2018 Living Awareness through Insight Meditation - 7 nights, ends May 4
Gil Fronsdal, Mary Grace Orr, John Travis, Heather Sundberg, Rebecca Kronlage (yoga)
5/5/2018 Contemplating Death / Awakening to Life - 7 nights, ends May 12
Eugene Cash, Nikki Mirghafori, Bhikkhu Analayo (via videocast), Janice Clarfield (yoga)
5/13/2018 Equanimity and Awareness - 7 nights, ends May 20
Kamala Masters, Sally Armstrong
5/13/2018 Settled, Seeing, and Spacious Awareness: A Retreat for Experienced Students - 7 nights, ends May 20
Donald Rothberg, Susie Harrington, Konda Mason (trainee)
5/21/2018 Awakening Joy - 7 nights, ends May 28
James Baraz, Debra Chamberlin Taylor, Howard Cohn, Jane Baraz, Evelyn Larsen (movement)
5/29/2018 Awakening in the Nine Bodies: A Residential Retreat - 5 nights, ends Jun 3
Phillip Moffitt, Dana DePalma
5/29/2018 Connecting Mind and Heart - 5 nights, ends Jun 3
James Baraz, Kate Munding
6/4/2018 Aging, Dying, and Awakening (ages 55 & above) - 6 nights, ends Jun 10
Anna Douglas, Eugene Cash, Donald Rothberg, Konda Mason (assistant)
6/4/2018 Natural Liberation: A Buddhist Insight Meditation Retreat - 6 nights, ends Jun 10
Wes Nisker, Vinny Ferraro
6/11/2018 Essential Teachings on the Path of Awakening - 6 nights, ends Jun 17
Matthew Brensilver, Brian Lesage
6/11/2018 The Heart of Awareness - 6 nights, ends Jun 17
Sharda Rogell
6/20/2018 Therigatha 'Verses of the Elder Nuns' Retreat - 4 nights, ends Jun 24
Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo, Ayya Anandabodhi, Ayya Santacitta
7/5/2018 Mindfulness for Everyone: The Basics and Beyond without the Hype - 5 nights, ends Jul 10
Diana Winston, Bonnie Duran, Alex Haley, Carol Cano (trainee)
7/11/2018 July Metta Retreat - Cultivating a Loving Heart - 9 nights, ends Jul 20
Sally Armstrong, Tempel Smith, Bonnie Duran, John Martin, Sylvia Boorstein, Pawan Bareja (assistant)
7/20/2018 July Insight Meditation Retreat - 9 nights, ends Jul 29
Joseph Goldstein, Kamala Masters, Greg Scharf, DaRa Williams, Devin Berry (trainee)
8/6/2018 Insight Meditation for Young Adults (age 18-32 years) - 6 nights, ends Aug 12
Tempel Smith, Dori Langevin, JoAnna Harper, La Sarmiento
8/13/2018 A Path of Happiness: A Retreat for the LGBTQI Gender-Fluid Community - 5 nights, ends Aug 18
Arinna Weisman, Noliwe Alexander, Susana Renaud (yoga)
8/19/2018 Concentration Retreat - 9 nights, ends Aug 28
Phillip Moffitt, Sally Armstrong, Donald Rothberg, Susie Harrington
8/29/2018 Labor Day Insight Meditation Retreat - 5 nights, ends Sep 3
James Baraz, Sharda Rogell, Howard Cohn, Terry Vandiver (yoga), Kaira Jewel Lingo (trainee)
9/10/2018 Meditation and the Spirit of Creativity - 6 nights, ends Sep 16
Anna Douglas, Nina Wise (guest artist), Barbara Kaufman (painter), Anne Cushman (writer)

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