"In truth we are always present; we only imagine ourselves to be in one place or another."
—Howard Cohn

Mindful Lawyering: A Meditation Retreat for Law Professionals and Students
Wes Nisker, Norman Fischer, Charles Halpern, Rhonda Magee, Dan Carlin, Judi Cohen, Doug Chermak (movement)
Friday, August 25, 3:00pm - Tuesday, August 29, 11:30am
upper Retreat Hall
$1035 - $470 sliding scale, plus a donation to the teacher(s) and retreat staff. Code 292R17.
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Mindfulness has been gaining acceptance within the legal profession as a technique for developing concentration, improving emotional resilience, and mitigating the stress of law work. And at a time when our society faces unusual polarization and conflict, often reflected in our cases and workplaces, mindfulness offers lawyers the means to meet those challenges with clarity and vigor, wisdom and compassion.

In this workshop/retreat, law professionals and students will have an opportunity to deepen their meditation practice through extended periods of sitting, walking, and moving meditation; to build community with fellow lawyer-meditators; and to explore the particular importance of mindfulness to lawyers in a time of considerable anxiety and rapid change.

The retreat will include evening talks and CLE presentations by lawyers and meditation teachers on principles of mindfulness; on applying mindfulness to strengthen lawyering skills, enhance wellbeing and build resilience; and on the ways that mindfulness can combat bias and promote a more fair and compassionate justice system.

This retreat offers 3 units of MCLE credit, including 1 unit of Recognition and Elimination of Bias in the Legal Profession and Society, 1 unit of Competence Issues, and 1 unit Legal Ethics. These units are not provided or coordinated through Spirit Rock.

Spirit Rock extends a special invitation to young adults (age 18-26) who wish to attend this retreat at a rate of $35 per night, on a first come, first serve basis. A limited number of special rates are available, please apply early.

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Also remember that the cost above is priced as a sliding scale. Please pay at the highest level of the sliding scale that you can afford. This allows others who need to pay less the opportunity to attend. Fee is for room and board. Teaching and staffing of the retreats is by donation at the end of the retreat. For more information, see Retreat FAQ.

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