"In truth we are always present; we only imagine ourselves to be in one place or another."
—Howard Cohn

The Philosopher's Stone: Key to the Secrets of Liberation - Live Webcast
Hameed Ali
Sunday, June 18, 10:00am - 4:00pm
Sliding Scale $30 - $108. Code HA1L17.
OPEN-Register Here

PLEASE NOTE: This page is for the LIVE WEBCAST of this event. To register to attend the event in person, visit this link.

In this two-session presentation, A. H. Almaas, founder of the Diamond Approach, will present an understanding of the relationship between awakening/realization and transformation/maturation. While insights and realizations can be instantaneous, the process of transformation takes time because it is a process of development and maturing.

In the morning presentation, "The Philosopher's Stone: Key to the Secrets of Liberation," Almaas will borrow from the idea of alchemy and the metaphor of the philosopher's stone to help us understand the mysterious source of both realization and transformation.

In the afternoon session, "The Dialectic of Transformation and Awakening," he will explore why transformation is not exactly the same thing as an awakening or an illumination or an enlightenment or a realization. Transformation is a process of fundamental change of the individual consciousness itself.

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