"If you do not turn inward, you will never know reality."
- Ajahn Chah

Media Requests & Guidelines

All media requests or questions are handled by the Spirit Rock Marketing and Communications Manager, Kathryn Arnold - (415) 488-0164 x255.

Our commitment to our retreat participants requires an approval be obtained before any visits. A minimum of a 7-day advance notice is requested. Once a media request has been received, the Communications Director will obtain the permission for a media visit.

Out of respect for all participants in the community, we ask that you observe the following etiquette during your visit:

  • Respect the practice of Noble Silence in the Meditation Hall, and on the grounds. If you do need to talk with someone in your party, please talk quietly and away from others;
  • Do not try to engage with anyone on the retreat (by smiling, touching, nodding or eye contact). People are here to maintain mindfulness without distraction;
  • Please do not enter or leave the Meditation Hall during a sitting, or unless you have obtained permission from the teachers and/or retreat managers to do so, before entering the Hall. If you must enter or leave during a sitting, please do so as quietly as possible;
  • All food, beverages, bottled water and shoes must be kept outside of the Meditation Hall;
  • Turn off any alarm watches. Please leave your cell phones and all other electronic devices in your car;
  • Out of consideration for those with environmental allergies and illnesses, please do not wear perfumes, colognes or other fragrances while visiting;
  • Take it kindly if the teachers or retreat managers need to approach you regarding these or other reminders;
  • Smoking is not permitted on Spirit Rock property, except in your car;
  • Please respect the time frame you are given for being onsite at Spirit Rock.

Thank you for your attention to these guidelines to support the work at Spirit Rock and the individuals on retreat.


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