"In truth we are always present; we only imagine ourselves to be in one place or another."
—Howard Cohn

Multi-Day Non-Residential Retreats

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9/22/2017 Recovering Wholeness, Worthiness, and Emotional Balance:
Three Days of Restoration, Healing, and Self Discovery - Ends Sep 24

Ralph De La Rosa
9/29/2017 The Nine Bodies: Explorations in Consciousness - Ends Oct 1
Phillip Moffitt, Dana DePalma
9/30/2017 Women's Weekend Retreat - Ends Oct 1
Heather Sundberg
10/27/2017 Dharma and Recovery Intensive:
Buddhism and the Twelve Steps - Ends Oct 29

Kevin Griffin
11/16/2017 Parenting with Kind Awareness - Ends Nov 18
Grace Fisher
11/29/2017 Liberate the Body and Stretch the Mind: Meditation & Yoga - Ends Nov 30
Wes Nisker, Katchie Ananda
12/29/2017 Finding Your Life's Deep Current: A Writing Retreat - Ends Dec 31
Roger Housden
1/13/2018 Manifesting Our Beloved Community - Ends Jan 15
2/2/2018 The Yogi and the Buddha - Ends Feb 4
Tias Little
3/26/2018 How the Light Gets In - A Meditation and Writing Retreat for Women Over 60 - Ends Mar 28
Anna Douglas
4/6/2018 Inspired by Change: How to Cultivate a Resilient Heart while Caring about Our Changing World - Ends Apr 8
James Baraz, Bob Doppelt
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