Insight Meditation Daylong for People of Color
with Anushka Fernandopulle

Saturday, February 17 — Insight meditation is a powerful way to become more connected to your body, develop wisdom, and live with more presence and ease. This daylong is for self-identified people of color who are new to meditation or who want a refresher. We will practice mindfulness of the body, breath, emotions, thoughts and more. Learn more >

Waking Up from Our Stories with Vinny Ferraro

Sunday, February 17 — Discover how, through compassion and mindfulness training, we can begin to let go of old stories that rule our lives. We will spend the day together examining our personal conditioning, narratives, and stories. Once we fully see how our stories shape our perceptions of ourselves and others, we become free to move beyond our assumptions, and see ourselves and others for who we really are.

Learn more >
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